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Founderment is an early-stage VC that backs founders of tech-driven startups with blue-sky ambitions. We invest in pre-seed and seed startups and dedicate large amounts of time, attention, care, and empathy, and serve as the founders' fundament during the early phases of the startup life.

Founderment is founded by Christian Schwarz Lausten & Anders Boelskifte Mogensen, together with Anders Holch Povlsen and his venture arm, Heartland A/S.
Aarhus Ø
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What we look for

Our scope is curious and explorative in nature and not constrained by industry, field of business, or business model, however technology and software are some of our favourite industries. We have no fixed rules on traction, revenue, or other metrics guiding our investments. We know that every case is different but prefer to invest in the pre-seed & seed stage in companies with a scalable perspective.

We invest in visionary founders with leadership potential who are fast learners and quick thinkers and have strong technical or domain expertise. We look for founders who possess a strong drive, discipline, and dedication to the work ahead and demonstrate personal traits such as empathy, honesty, and kindness.

We expect founders that come to us can clearly articulate the problem they are tackling, the solution, and their execution plan

When do we invest

We back startups with funding that helps get ideas off the ground. We expect you to have identified a clear market opportunity that you wish to attack at this stage. While you may still be pre-product, you must have something to show us with function and value. You and your co-founders are full-time dedicated to pursuing the startup life ahead.

We do also look for companies at a slightly later stage who are working to gain traction in the market. We expect you to have proven a product-market fit at this stage and to have metrics to back you up.

Regardless of the timing of our investment, we have a strong belief and opinion about how 21st-century companies need to operate, capturing three stakeholders' best interests: The company (employees and shareholders), the community (suppliers and customers), and the world outside of the company, especially with ESG in mind. Startups that subscribe to these values are within our scope.

Founderment graphic element showing a foundation

What we offer

With Founderment, we want to be a supportive early-stage investor. We will be hands-on and very engaged when it counts, but fully aware of when to stay in the background. We are ready to lend an ear and send some love on those inevitably ugly days when the outlook is bleak and nothing seems to be working out the way it should.

We are founders ourselves, and we know that every journey is full of ups and downs, wins and fails, plans and pivots.

Access to Founderment’s community

Funding is only one part of helping a startup grow and succeed. Access to the right people and expertise at the right time is just as crucial. We believe sharing is caring and do our best to create a culture where insights, experiences, and knowledge are gathered and exchanged.

Our investments

Billede af restaurant med tjener
Pere logo
Get customers in restaurant seats and reward loyal referrers
Wedio - Billede af mand med kamera
Wedio logo
Hire film gear from local creators
Billede af Shouter kontor
Shouter logo
Digital marketplace for sharing tasks
Billede af sommerhus fra Landfolk
Land Folk logo
A curated platform for unique and extraordinary summer houses
Social bites - Billede af mand der sælger social bites produkter til kunde.
Social Bites logo
Manufactures and sells nutritious frozen dairy products in Kenya

Get in touch

Christian Vinther - Investment Director i Founderment

Christian Vinther

Investment Director
+45 29 71 21 55

Christian Vinther has been part of the startup ecosystem for more than a decade. Both being active in different startups but also working with several hundred startups in the early phases. Recently, he worked in Danish Business Angles to advise both startups and the business angels of the early stages of attracting capital to a startup. Before that, he spent four years in San Francisco helping Danish startups navigate the ecosystem in Silicon Valley on their scaling journey and introduced them to the relevant network.

Furthermore, he was the first employee in Qvin - A female health startup based in San Francisco. Through 5 years, he assisted the founders in building the company and actively raised four different investment rounds.

Portræt af Anders Boelskifte Mogensen

Anders Boelskifte Mogensen

CEO & Co-founder
+45 40 30 43 39

Anders' entrepreneurial aspirations came to life while studying at the Department of Digital Design and Information Studies at Aarhus University in the late nineties. The connection between solid information Technology and design theory coupled With practice in diverse teams applying technology to benefit people, society, and the world was a big inspiration. Before he handed in his Master’s thesis, he co-founded the management consultancy www.seismonaut.com. Since then, it has been full throttle ahead, as opportunities have been turned into successful businesses.

An assignment in Nigeria led to the creation of the first boutique hotel in the country. Today, Nordic Hotel Group has grown to become a successful and award-winning hotel business in West Africa. More recently, Gaest, a marketplace with a vision of helping space owners become entrepreneurs through sharing their spaces with those who need them for team gatherings, workshops, and events, was acquired by Airbnb, and Anders joined Airbnb in a  leadership role.

A mutual passion for growing new businesses led to many conversations over the years with Anders Holch Povlsen and the fantastic team at his venture arm Heartland, and in 2021 the timing was right to establish Founderment together.

Mette Riis - Ground Control i Founderment

Mette Riis

Ground Control
+45 61 77 91 79

Mette has more than 20 years of work experience in the hospitality and travel industry with positions within Sales, Finance, HR, and CS.

She was one of the first team members to join Gaest.com and later served on the employee experience team in Airbnb as "ground control"  overlooking the well-being of all Danish employees. In this position she was responsible for brining Airbnb's culture to life, looking after the workplace environment, internal communications,  employee recognition, celebrations, and other workplace events. In Founderment Mette take care of general office operations but also work on ensuring a good experience for all stakeholders engaging with Founderment.

Portræt af Christian Schwarz Lausten

Christian Schwarz Lausten

Chairman & Co-founder
+45 23 62 09 89

The description of Christian is on the way...

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