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Aarhus based, pre-seed focussed VC fund supporting visionary tech entrepreneurs. As first-cheque investors, we write up to €500k tickets and dedicate significant amounts of time, attention, and care during the early phases of startup life.
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What we look for

We approach investments with an open and inquisitive mindset, with a particular enthusiasm for startups in the retailtech and traveltech space. As first-cheque writers, we typically lead pre-seed rounds. While Excel projections and ambitious growth charts glimpse aspirations, our true investment decisions hinge on the founders themselves.

We're looking for forward-thinking founders who exhibit leadership qualities agility in thought, and possess either deep technical acumen or industry-specific expertise. Beyond skill and knowledge, we value founders who show unwavering commitment, discipline, and drive. Personal attributes like empathy, honesty, and kindness are also integral to our selection criteria.

We anticipate that founders approaching us will effectively convey the challenges they're addressing, their proposed solutions, and their strategy for implementation.

Located in the vibrant center of Aarhus, our primary investment focus is on Danish startups. However, we're not restricted by geography and are curious and explorative and open to exploring opportunities beyond Denmark when they resonate with our mission.

When do we invest

We back startups with funding that helps get ideas off the ground. We expect you to have identified a clear market opportunity that you wish to attack at this stage. While you may still be pre-product, you must have something to show us with function and value. You and your co-founders are full-time dedicated to pursuing the startup life ahead.

We do also look for companies at a slightly later stage who are working to gain traction in the market. We expect you to have proven a product-market fit at this stage and to have metrics to back you up.

Regardless of the timing of our investment, we have a strong belief and opinion about how 21st-century companies need to operate, capturing three stakeholders' best interests: The company (employees and shareholders), the community (suppliers and customers), and the world outside of the company, especially with ESG in mind. Startups that subscribe to these values are within our scope.

Founderment graphic element showing a foundation

What we offer

With Founderment, we want to be a supportive early-stage investor. We will be hands-on and very engaged when it counts, but fully aware of when to stay in the background. We are ready to lend an ear and send some love on those inevitably ugly days when the outlook is bleak and nothing seems to be working out the way it should.

We are founders ourselves, and we know that every journey is full of ups and downs, wins and fails, plans and pivots.

Access to Founderment’s community

Funding is only one part of helping a startup grow and succeed. Access to the right people and expertise at the right time is just as crucial. We believe sharing is caring and do our best to create a culture where insights, experiences, and knowledge are gathered and exchanged.

Active portfolio

Get in touch

Christian Vinther

Investment Director

Christian Vinther has been part of the startup ecosystem for more than a decade. Both being active in different startups but also working with several hundred startups in the early phases. Recently, he worked in Danish Business Angles to advise both startups and the business angels of the early stages of attracting capital to a startup. Before that, he spent four years in San Francisco helping Danish startups navigate the ecosystem in Silicon Valley on their scaling journey and introduced them to the relevant network.

Furthermore, he was the first employee in Qvin - A female health startup based in San Francisco. Through 5 years, he assisted the founders in building the company and actively raised four different investment rounds.

Anders Boelskifte Mogensen

CEO & Co-founder

Anders embarked on his entrepreneurial journey while studying at Aarhus University in the late '90s, fueled by his passion for technology, design thinking, and the vast potential of the internet. Fresh out of university, he co-founded Seismonaut, a pioneering management consultancy that guided companies through the transition from Web 1.0, focused on passive consumption, to the dynamic realm of Web 2.0, characterized by active online engagement. Seismonaut rapidly expanded and gained trust, establishing offices in both Aarhus and Copenhagen.

In 2009, Anders spearheaded the digital media strategy for a Nigerian presidential candidate, marking a groundbreaking use of social media in Nigerian presidential campaigns. This experience revealed untapped opportunities in the hospitality industry, leading to the establishment of Nordic Hotels Nigeria in 2011. Today, the group employs 200 dedicated staff members and operates three hotels in Lagos and Abuja.

In 2015, inspired by the changing needs of businesses seeking flexible spaces, Anders co-founded and led the team at Gaest, a platform for discovering and booking unique spaces. Just three years later, Airbnb recognized Gaest's potential and acquired the company. Anders assumed a leadership role within Airbnb For Work.

Today, these invaluable experiences serve as the foundation influencing his work at Founderment.

Magne Jul Pedersen

Investment Analyst

Magne is a dedicated student currently in pursuit of his bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus University. His proactive nature and ambitious mindset creates an obvious foundation for further learning and professional development here at foundement. 

Magne's initial exposure to the startup realm during high school ignited a lasting passion. Since then, he has consistently cultivated his passion for innovation, entrepreneurship, and the more creative approach to growth.

Mette Riis

Ground Control

Mette has more than 20 years of work experience in the hospitality and travel industry with positions within Sales, Finance, HR, and CS.

She was one of the first team members to join Gaest.com and later served on the employee experience team in Airbnb as "ground control"  overlooking the well-being of all Danish employees. In this position she was responsible for brining Airbnb's culture to life, looking after the workplace environment, internal communications,  employee recognition, celebrations, and other workplace events. In Founderment Mette take care of general office operations but also work on ensuring a good experience for all stakeholders engaging with Founderment.

Christian Schwarz Lausten

Chairman & Co-founder

Christian is co-founder of Landfolk.com - a digital platform with curated summerhouses, hosted by passionate hosts and driven by world-class technology.

Previously he was Head of Airbnb for Work, EMEA with a focus on Airbnb's offerings to teams and employees and responsible for a $1+ billion budget.

He has founded a number of successful companies in different industries among others Gaest.com (exit to Airbnb in 2019), Seismonaut (Exit 2019) and the fast-growing boutique hotel chain, Nordic Hotel Group in Nigeria.

Previously he was co-founder and managing director of the digital management consultancy Seismonaut which he ran for 12 years he lead a team of 25 super talented digital strategists, design researchers, content specialists and creative minds in Scandinavia.

Christian is passionate about the startup ecosystem and has developed a long range of successful networks (Headstart) and conferences (Internet Week Denmark, High Tech Human Touch, Community Conference) that seek to connect entrepreneurs, makers and visionaries.

Furthermore, Christian has spoken at conferences from SXSW to RadioDays and in many C25 companies.

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